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Another 8 days
Another 8 days

Le Jardin

Filmmaker : Frédérique Menant France, 2019 PRODUCTION : La surface de dernière diffusion
French English

About this film


Thérèse tends a Creole garden in Guadeloupe. She stands up to invisible poisons. Her hands become one with the earth, her face with the light.

Tënk's opinion

“Le Jardin” is first and foremost the pleasure of the moment — being there, listening, smelling… Frédérique Menant transports us from the grain of the film to the grain of the skin of hands plunged into the earth. A grainy film from which spring the thousands of colours and textures of a garden and its gardener, a glorious woman who explains her art of living and surviving: “How do I do it? I spend all day every day in the earth.” “Le Jardin” is also the pleasure of the space we offer ourselves when we let ourselves “become one with the earth”, this space to dream and imagine something different. And understand the extent to which the garden is a resource that nourishes both body and soul.

Julia Pinget


Frédérique Menant

After studying anthropology with the research group Matières-à-Penser, Frédérique Menant turned to documentary filmmaking and trained in directing at Poitiers University and then in residence at Lussas. She worked on numerous television documentaries and made her first film “Kreol” in 2009 with the Cape Verdean musician and poet Mario Lucio Sousa. “La Métamorphose d’Agnès Sorel”, made during a workshop with Daniel Deshays, opened the door to a more poetic cinema. She started using analogue film and joined the Etna, and then the Abominable, two artists’ labs where she made several short movies including “Mue(s)”, which won an award at the Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema in 2015. Her work mostly focuses on the theme of absence and loss as well as on what is transformed, in itself, in the wave of life that washes over us.