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Another 13 days

This Film Should Not Exist

Filmmakers : Gisella Albertini , Massimo Scocca , Nicolas Drolc France, Italy, 2020 PRODUCTION : Les Films Furax, Bo Fidelity Cineproduzioni
English French, English

About this film


In 1990s Edinburgh, Ben Wallers founded Country Teasers, which went on to become a cult band. To borrow the words of Nicolas Moog, we’re left with “a collection of fantastic songs, pure country music disguised as iconoclastic garage rock, erratic and dissonant. And the outrageous quality of the lyrics in which cruelty vies with sensitivity – shocking, perfectly honed writing!”

Tënk's opinion

In guise of a documentary about Country Teasers, “This Film Should Not Exist” sets off in search of something that’s undoubtedly a secret: the genius of Ben Wallers, his grace free from illusions, the extreme nature of his texts, and what accompanies him as he navigates the music world made up of myths. Not content just to give an account of a career and path in life, the directors make the clichés inherent in this world even more complex, and this remarkable film spirals closer to what’s really going on behind the drunken benders, the falls and the rebounds. Combined with the disconcerting interviews with Waller is archive footage from a tour with the Oblivians and accounts from people who were around at the time, including the precious voice of the Welsh-language band Datblygu, and Tim Warren, founder of the garage rock label Crypt Records.

Charlène Dinhut
Programmer and curator


Gisella Albertini

Gisella Albertini was into music and records since as far as she can remember. In the 90s she started doing interviews for music ‘zines, organizing gigs and playing drums in garage bands. At the same time, sneaking into Cinema History classes and archive at the University and running a mailorder of obscure B-movies formed her taste about films.

Massimo Scocca

Massimo Scocca has a long-time interest in music, photography and cinema. He wrote for ‘zines and books about rock’n’roll and pop culture, played and still plays in blues punk bands - most notably Two Bo’s Maniacs and LAME.
Gisella Albertini and Massimo Scocca went around Europe and the USA throughout the 90s hunting for gigs of underground lo-fi/garage-punk bands and filming them with a video 8 camera.
Their archive of tapes sat in a box for more than 20 years until they decided to go back on the road with the same spirit to interview the protagonists of the old scene today, and compile it into a documentary film.

Nicolas Drolc

Nicolas Drolc (b. 1987) is an independent filmmaker based in Nancy, France. Trained on guerrilla filmmaking by the German-based Slowboat films crew, he released his first feature length documentary in 2014 “Sur les toits” (“On the rooftops”) a film that tells the story of the prison riots that shook France in the early 70s.
In 2017 he completed a second feature film “Death must be earned” (La Mort se mérite) - a portrait of Serge Livrozet – a figure of french 70s counter-culture, former safe-cracker, prisoner, writer, and anarchist activist.
"Bungalow Sessions" is his third feature documentary, released in 2019: a portrait of six American Folk-Blues underground musicians, filmed in Drolc's backyard in Nancy France.
He produces, directs, shoots and edits films by himself, with his company "Les Films Furax".
In 2018 he joined the crew of "This Film Should Not Exist" as co-author, editor and distributor.